Citibank Executive Office – Unique situation

QuestionsCitibank Executive Office – Unique situation
asked 4 years ago

I have a credit card with Citibank that was closed by the bank but I’m still paying it online through the Citibank website.


I sent an email to the CEO Michael Corbat about a goodwill removal of three late payments and a possibility of re-opening my account since I am paying it on time and four days later I get a phone call from the office.


Late payments – no go. Bank error only they said. This seems to be a theme on this board with Citibank.


As far as re-opening my account, they would have to do a hard pull. I am in the stages of rebuilding and still have some baddies to take care of.


What should I do? I have been a Citibank checking customer for going on 11 years (one of the reasons I think they are allowing me to pay the card online). I don’t want another hard pull on my account and they could easily reject the re-open. I was just happy that I got a call back that soon.





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