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Dennis Jerome asked 5 years ago

Some information that might be handy (plus a bit of a rant to start)


So, my CK updates every Sunday.  Not sure why it’s Sunday.  When I get a change to my CR, it will give me a mid-week update, but for some reason, I seem to keep on somehow getting back to Sunday updates.


So, on Friday, my US Bank FAKO updated and went up a few points.  So, imagine my demeanour when, this morning, I checked my CK update, and BOTH FAKO scores FELL by 20 points.


I normally carry about an 8-9% utilisation, but CK seems to have me at 12%, in no small part due to them showing a total CL that’s $ 15-20k lower than my actual total exposure.


Also, I had a family emergency right before Christmas, followed by a trip to see family at Christmas, so my SW card (lowest APR that isn’t in a 0% promo.  Both AMEX and BofA have lower APRs, but I am in the promo with them) had a bit of a balance.  When I got the preapproved BofA with a 0% BT for 21 months, instead of taking money out of savings to pay down SW, it made sense to just let that sit on the 0% BofA card.  Well, BofA is reporting the credit usage, but SW hasn’t reported the payoff yet, so I am showing 15% util (certainly part of the reason for the 20 pt decline)


But here’s the interesting data points.  In the last 60 days, I apped for the DC from Citi (prequalified), apped for the AAdvantage (day they started pulling down the 50k bonus offers, and had to call in to verify data), did a CLI request for the joke $ 500 limit on my DC (0% interest isn’t really that much of a perk if a few cups of coffee puts me over 10% util), and just the other day did a CLI request on my Best Buy store card (and seem to have been bumped up to UW to get that approval).  All was supposed or rumoured to be HPs.


The only HP that came up was for the Best Buy CLI, on EQ.  Now, I only have the free CRs from CK, and FICO scores from the banks.  In addition to my FICO being at least 80 pts HIGHER than my FAKO scores, my EX is the highest of the bunch.  So, I am only seeing the one HP (and the last account I did, too, so it’s not like they used one HP for everything), and that’s on EQ.  Thought this might be useful, or at least of interest, to the Collective.


Now I’m going to go see if Cap1 has updated their weekly FAKO to see if it also has fallen 20 pts.

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