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Moses Lahey asked 5 years ago

Hey MyFico, I thought I’d share my experience using this benefit. It was the first time I had to use it, and I hope none of you ever have to, but just some quick info. 


On my recent trip to the marriott rewards member meet up in Houston, American Airlines broke my luggage on my flight back to FLL. They popped a wheel off, which basically made my suitcase useless. I landed a bit after midnight, so the baggage office was closed. I went home, and wrote them an email using the “Contact Us” link on the website. They told me I could only file a claim while AT the airport, as the luggage needs to be “inspected.” 


I live about a 45 minute drive from the airport, so at this point I decided to call citi and ask about the damaged luggage protection. They transferred me to the benefit administrator, and I spoke with a very nice gentleman who asked about what happened, and sent me an email detailing everything I needed to send it. 


These items were

  • Billing Statement (the one in which you purchased the travel). I used thankyou points, and it still counts
  • Flight Itinerary
  • Replacement Baggage Receipt
  • Settlement Document from Common Carrier
    • This is the big one

All of those were things I had in my email except the replacement receipt (as I hadn’t purchased anything yet) and the settlement document from American Airlines. So I called american, and asked for them to email me a settlement document saying they weren’t willing to pay for the damage. That got me nowhere. “We don’t do that” I was told. I then tweeted at them, and emailed them. I got a response back saying “Oh, we’d be happy to process your claim with just photos of the damage”


I sent in photos of my luggage, as well as bag tag numbers, boarding passes, etc. and a few days later got an email stating I would be receiving $ 83.23. My bag cost more than $ 83.23, so I called citi back again, and asked if I could use the damaged luggage protection as a supplementary insurance, and was told yes. All I had to do was include the document stating they’d be paying me $ 83.23, as well as the receipt for the new one (and the above mentioned items) and that would be that. 



Bought my new bag today (TravelPro Platinum Magna 2 21″ spinner) from e-bags, using the free 2-day shoprunner shipping (that I get from amex) using my citi prestige card, and emailed my documents in. Will update this post when I hear back from them. 


Anyone else have any experience using this benefit? 

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