Citi EO – Bad Experience (Simplicity)

QuestionsCiti EO – Bad Experience (Simplicity)
Jermaine Moody asked 5 years ago

I have mixed feelings about Citi.  They offered me my first credit card back in 2011 with an insane limit for me at the time with zero history (YAY!), but then nerfed their rewards in June, 2016 (BOOO!).  Citi offered a PC from their aweful Diamond Prefered Card to DC and gave me WEMC (YAY!).  Super stoked about this.


Recently however, I applied for Simplicity but they gave me a low SCL (HP#1). I called up recon who said they can only look into the account once it is activated since it was technically approved, and to ask during activation process.  I asked for CLI when I activated 10 days later (as soon as the card finally arrived) and after another HP, they said no (HP#2) before I could ask about moving CL, the call ended.


I called up the EO the next morning and explained, they appologized and said they needed approval for an HP, but would note to the UW of the miscommunication, so I reluctantly agreed and they said they would call back on a certain day.  They never called back.  I called them back 4 days after the agreed call-back date, and they did not appologize, only noting that person was on the phone with someone else.  They IMd an underwriter who said no (HP#3).  I inquired about the CL move from other cards, so they had the UW call me back directly about 30 min later, who said they would be happy to look at that option … for another HP.  I told the UW they did a HP when I APP, again when I activated, and you just pulled it yourself 30 min, and now you want to pull it again?!  The numbers haven’t changed from 30 minutes ago.  They put me on hold for 10 min.  They asked if I wanted to move forward with looking into if they could move my CL.  I told them only if it will not result in a HP.  They countered (with attitude) that if I want move forward they have to HP, do I want to see if they can move my CL or not.  I declined and hung up.


I was always under the impression the EO got stuff done when CSR fails, but clearly all they did was drop the ball, then drop it again when passing me off to an UW who had an attitude and simply could not help.  Has anyone else had poor experiences with the EO?

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