Chip + priority PIN, any recent entries?

QuestionsChip + priority PIN, any recent entries?
asked 2 years ago

So in searching around and using the helpful link Irish80 once posted I guess there’s a couple which fit the bill of no FTF / PIN priority:


UNFCU Elite (no clue on their UW)

FirstTech all (even with my average FICO I can get the secured presumably worst case)

Target RedCard, seriously?


And DinersClub which as I understand it is no longer taking applications.


The list looks to be updated by random consumers though so figured I’d ask if there were anything new out there though Firsttech seems to be the somewhat obvious choice.


I wouldn’t expect this to be the major hotel / airline card(s) so rewards are mostly irrelevant, but taking a second round interview of doing 40 countries in a year on an implementation project (which I’m vastly overqualified for but considering I’ve been debating utterly walking away from my current life, maybe going out and seeing a bunch of the rest of the world isn’t a bad idea while I get my proverbial fecal matter together) I’m going to wind up in some places where Chip + PIN is the default and potentially only game in town, so it helps to be prepared.





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