Child Support TL on CCT that is not on the CR I pulled from Annual Credit Report

QuestionsChild Support TL on CCT that is not on the CR I pulled from Annual Credit Report
asked 3 years ago

Hi All, 

Hopefully you can help me with this. Last week, I pulled my reports then A few days later I joined CCT.


The following is not on my AnnualCreditReport Reports. 


On my Experian and Equifax reports from CCT, there are listings for VA Child Support date opened 5/1/2009 with a 9K balance, Closed, and Late/Unknown payment status. Both were last updated 6/2016. (For the Record, I am not and have never been in arrears with my child support. Even through my bankruptcy in 2005 and unemployment that was paid before any other bill) 


When I divorced in 2001, I voluntarilly had a Income Deduction Order (Wage Garnishment) put into place so the state could keep accurate records and that it comes right from my check without me having to write checks semimonthly to my ex wife.


My Child support was adjusted in May 2009 and that IDO states right on it that “There are no arrears in ChildSupport or Spousal Support at this time.” (I had infact over paid at this time by $ 348)

My Support was adjusted again 1/1/2016 and that IDO has the same no arrears langauge.


My question are:

  1. Why is this only showing up on CCT and none of the other ways that I have pulled my reports?
  2. Should I do anything about it? (If so, who should I contact?)
  3. Is this effection my scores?

If I never pulled my reports through CCT, I would never have know these were on my reports.


Thanks in advance……

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