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Questionschild support on credit report
asked 3 years ago

ok here we go let me try to explain this lol.


i have 3 child wich makes the account number 




 now i have showing on my credit report xxx-xx-xxxx-1 on credit saying paying as agreed with 0 balance account status open 

the problem is that this account has been closed by a judge in court closed in 2011.

now the other issue is all this time i thought it was xxx-xx-xxxx-2 that was being reported as that is the child with arrears at this very moment but its not on my credit report.

child xxx-xx-xxxx-3 is current and should be no problem wich in this case is mute since its being paid and has no arrears.

i have disputed few days ago saying account is closed and waiting the 30 days dispute. 

my question is can account still be open due to maybe being same account only difference is child number?

why not show xxx-xx-xxxx-2 on report wich is the one that should be doing massive damage as it has arrears to this date.

im hoping for the dispute to delete the whole account itself or at least come off after the 7 years wich would be 2018 since closed in 2011.

im a bit confused as to why this shows on credit report with an account that is 0 balance and closed and not the one with arrears. below is what shows on credit report



Date Opened: 09/17/1996 Responsibility: Individual Account Account Type: Open Account Loan Type: CHILD SUPPORT
Balance: $ 0 Date Updated: 02/28/2011 Payment Received: $ 0 Last Payment Made: 12/18/2006 High Balance: $ 0
Pay Status: Current; Paid or Paying as Agreed Terms: Paid Monthly >Maximum Delinquency of 120 days in 08/2009 for $ 1,827 and in 01/2011 for $ 71<
01/2011 12/2010 11/2010 10/2010 09/2010 08/2010 07/2010 06/2010 05/2010 04/2010
Rating 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 N/R 120 120
03/2010 02/2010 01/2010 12/2009 11/2009 10/2009 09/2009 08/2009
Rating 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120

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