Chex Systems and Mortgage Lenders

QuestionsChex Systems and Mortgage Lenders
asked 4 years ago

I recently found out that I have “something” on chex systems, old bank account that was misused when I was financially irresponsible.  This account prevented me from getting a membership at DCU (already approved for 15k 1.99% APR refi 692 equifax score but chex said no, therefore membership was denied).  My question is:  Will chexsystems prevent me from getting a mortgage?  I have 0 collections but for some reasion I have an account on chexsystems. 


Random question:  Chex systems come off 5 years regardless if paid or not?


Thanks all!

Selling Mortgage Protection Insurance Made Simple

Juna Thompson replied 4 years ago

Love it!!

Judy McElroy replied 4 years ago
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