Chase Marriott Rewards – For fear of sounding crazy! Great Story.

QuestionsChase Marriott Rewards – For fear of sounding crazy! Great Story.
asked 4 years ago

Hi all


Some of you may recall that I wrote a post called “Chase Marriott Rewards – Interesting Tale” and how I had thought the Chase website had crashed during my app and ultimately was granted a card with a 20K limit after they verified it wasn’t a fraudulent application. At the time I also mentioned that I was resetting my gardening date because it caused a hard pull.


Okay, so this is where it gets strange and I fear I’m going to sound crazy. I had specifically said in that post that I “hadn’t bothered” to reapply [for the Marriott Rewards] but here is the thing, I did and I honestly don’t remember doing it! I did it before I originally went into the garden but I guess (and I do remember the weekend) I had so much going on including our home being on the market and lots of showings, that I vaguely remember going back to my computer late that night and saying “let me go try this again” and then receiving the “can’t give you a decision at this time” message.


I know you’re all saying, “They’re extending credit to this guy?” Well, to give me credit, I am an engineer and I do fit the absent minded professor profile at times (but I pay my bills and have the ability to pay my bills and that’s really all a creditor needs to know!)


Anyway, all of this rigmarole is to share something that shocked the living daylights out of me a few days ago when I checked in on my Chase online and found that instead of the Disney Rewards and the new Marriott Rewards showing there were now TWO Marriott rewards accounts showing and the second one had a 25K line! WHAT? I even showed it to John and said, am I dreaming or missing something?


So as I mentioned above, I started wracking my brain as to whether I had completed a second app and John said “yes, you probably did, you know how forgetful you are on some things”.


So yesterday the original card came in the mail, the one with 20K on it. At first I said, “I’m just going to wait until the second one shows up” but then I decided, what the heck, I’m going to call to activate and then speak to a CSR. I explained what had happened, the CSR at Chase was very nice and helpful and of course told me that combining the lines is possible however since it would amount to a total line of $ 45,000 on the one card she would have to put me on the line with a lending specialist.


It took about one minute for the handoff, she stayed on the line to introduce the specialist and asked my permission to disconnect and then I was with the second person. The best part about that experience was that I did not have to re-explain everything, the first CSR had already made notes in the account as to why I called, plus gave a brief while we were in the 3 way call so the lending specialist only asked me if I could be put on a brief hold while she reviewed my credit report. She said it is a soft pull even before I could get the question out.


Result: “Congratulations sir, the account ending in xxxx is now closed and the one ending in xxxx now has a $ 45,000 line of credit”.


(stage direction: Darryl picks himself up off the floor)


She also reiterated what I had stated in my other post, call them once I reach a two thousand dollar spend within the 90 days and they’ll convert the offer to the 70,000 points. Since we are in the process of a long distance $ 8,000 move that was easy – made that transaction this morning and with a $ 45,000 line it won’t show a huge util on that card….it’ll be paid as soon as the house closes anyway at the end of this month.


So that’s my tale. I’m set in the garden now, all of the other cards get a dust off once in a while for a tank of gas and that’s it. Delta AMEX always gets used for the double points and same with American Airlines Master Card – everything else goes on this bad boy – and we’ll be racking the points up big time!  We are obviously big fans of Marriott so the 5X points for the several trips that are scheduled this year will just be icing on the cake!


Feels good! It’s been a long and hard road but my words of encouragement to those reading this that are where I was 5 years ago….keep at it! Keep pushing the responsibility button and say no to what you don’t need and then one day soon you’ll be saying “yes” to the creditors instead of them saying “no” to you!


Peace everyone….




PS – Totally going to geek out here – the STAINLESS STEEL card is COOL!

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