Chase. How to Handle This?

QuestionsChase. How to Handle This?
asked 3 years ago

I have 2 Chase cards, Slate and Freedom. Both with $ 2K limits. The Slate is useless as I put a Bal Transfer on it of 1.7k when I got the card in Sept and paid off in Feb. The Freedom I’ve had over 3 years. Last CLI was over a year ago. 


I’d like to increase the limit on the Freedom. Also, do something with the Slate but I don’t know what. I don’t need it. I’m just over their 5/24 so getting another card is probably out. I don’t know if I can close it and move it over or not. Eventually for the heck of it, I might as well PC the Freedom to a Unlimited. 


Not sure how this all can work, or even what they’ll do or not do.  Any thoughts or suggestions welcomed. Thanks


Scores are all in 730-740 range

Inquiries Exp 4, EQ 4, TU 5

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