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asked 3 years ago

Hello, I am new to the forum and have a question in regards to a charge off credit card account i have with Chase. I sent a DV letter to the collection agency requesting payment for the account. I asked that the account be validated acccording to the FDCPA guidelines. I receive 2 response letters from Chase. The first letter simply stated they received my request to stop calls and letters in regards to the account. The second letter stated they “confirmed” the info they are reporting is correct and the account was charged off in July 2014. However, they did not send any supporting documentation to validate on how they computed the balance owed of $ 2200 or documentation that the account belongs to me. My question is should I directly dispute with the credit bureau since they did not validate the account or should I contact Chase in writing requesting for proper validation as requested or PFD to settle the account and move on? Thanks

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