Chase card accounts, e-mail address change – fraud department

QuestionsChase card accounts, e-mail address change – fraud department
Nidia Esparza asked 4 years ago

Just a note that I hope may help someone. Your mileage may vary, but my husband just changed his e-mail address on his two Chase accounts (CSP and Hyatt) that are 2 months old.


He kept his mailing address, phone number, everything else the same – he’s had the same contact information for more than 12 years, so nothing new or groundbreaking. Only changed his e-mail address to a different one over the weekend. Zero balances on both cards, made a few charges one month ago and paid in full as soon as the charges hit, and he has a very long positive credit history overall, so nothing new or weird.


Changing the e-mail address caused Chase to lock up his online access to both accounts where he had to speak to two different people in the fraud department and answer questions from both of them for thirty minutes. Yes, thirty minutes. Both were from a different country and had a thick accent, so I’m sure that extended that process a bit, but 30 minutes with two different people was a bit long. They asked him questions such as what his email address was that he had 15 years ago (one he doesn’t even remember), and one that he never used with Chase.


Just random public records things, but I was surprised it took 2 people and 30 minutes just to get him access again. Chase is careful on newer accounts which I appreciate. but neither of us thought changing only his e-mail address and having no other rapid changes or anything else going on would create this situation.


I know that fraud is increasingly more prevalent and I appreciate Chase being careful. We just didn’t expect this on accounts that were two months old.


He’s back up and running again with his access and things are just fine.I just wanted to let others know in the event that you have Chase cards that are just a few months old. It may or may not happen to you, but just providing a heads up, Have a good day. Smiley Happy



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