Chase: 2 Weeks vs. 7-10 day App Status??

QuestionsChase: 2 Weeks vs. 7-10 day App Status??
asked 5 years ago

Merry Christmas all!!!

So I did an app for the CHASE RITZ yesterday – it wasn’t denied but said Further Review needed and I would hear with in 30 days, and I posted a detailed post about my conversation with the Analyst — she was very positive, and noted “very positive notes” to be sent for final review. After, the automated status line says I wil be “hearing from them within 2 weeks” .. My other app which was declined stated “You will be notified of our decision in 7-10 days”. Now, I’ve read on many threads that the 2 week message SEEMINGLY yields approvals and the 7-10 denials.

Is this bogus, or is there any truth to this? Anyone have any experience with this ? From the posts I’ve read, this message for some reason is more positive than the 7-10 messages which in my experience regardless of lender, is always a denial.

Anyone who may have gotten this message and has experience with it directly, weigh in. I’m so eager to get this card I could burst!!! Huge Ritz lover and frequenter.

Score 703 on pull. 27% UTIL. $ 7700 highest CL. (Amex). No major baddies, last 30 day baddie from mid 2013. Moderate to high INQs, won’t lie there. Analyst noted “excellent pay down on cards and use of credit”.

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