Charge Off with HC Processing. Need Advice.

QuestionsCharge Off with HC Processing. Need Advice.
asked 5 years ago

I am 25 years old. Somewhere in 2013, i missed quite a few payments on a loan with HC Processing, which in turn became a charge off. I decided to pay the full amount i owed in monthly payments, instead of doing a settlement for less. I now still owe around 1500.

I contacted them and tried to negotiate with them to pay twice as more or even pay it in full in exchange to remove the charge off from my credit report, they said no, then asked them to remove the charge off notice and put paid in full or closed, and they also said no, i also asked for them to delete my collections report or file from their company and my credit reports, they also said no.

My questions are:
-Can they completely say no to the offers I have given them?

-Is there anything else i can do to hopefully get this charge off removed when paid in full?

-Is there someone I can talk to to help me in the process of getting it removed or to a point where it will no longer affect my loan inquiries?

Thank you for your time, patience, and consideration.

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