Charge Off reporting as Account in Good Standing?

QuestionsCharge Off reporting as Account in Good Standing?
asked 4 years ago

So I charged off an account with Wells Fargo in 2012 DOFD was 09/2011.

I’ve disputed it about 5 times in recent year every time coming back verified. But I did again in March of this year came back verified, but it said “dispute resolution consumer agrees”. And with that all the negative payment history was deleted it only showed the account and no payment history after that dispute.

Last week I ordered a full copy of my EX report mailed to me and I was looking at it today and it shows this account as an account in good standing, not a negative or derogatory account, it doesn’t ago any payment history or lates either.

What are your thoughts on this? It says will be removed 08/2018 but in the meantime…

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