Changing AU strategies to help someone build credit?

QuestionsChanging AU strategies to help someone build credit?
asked 4 years ago

I read in another thread that FICO has changed the way AU contributes to a score because of a public fraud case, some guy purchasing AU’s from strangers. “No one knows the new algorithms now” is the quote that stuck with me.


So I was thinking, if I was FICO, what would I change to make sure the AU’s are legitimate? Trying to strategize, y’know. I recently added my bf as an AU on two of my cards and the idea is to try and do what we can to make sure this actualy helps him build credit.


What I’m trying so far involves him actually using the cards. Not a lot, but if I was FICO that’s the first thing I would change. I’d want to see that the extra card actually went into the hands of another person and that they use it. What’s handy is when we’re on a date I can actually hand him his AU card to pay, so he doesn’t have to be in posession of them all the time in order to use them occasionally.


For now I’m letting him keep the AmEx AU card, in part due to AmEx’s awesome AU settings and also because I actually do trust him, plus he’s only using it with my explicit permission for each transaction. The other one will probably just be for dates to keep things simpler.


Is anyone else modifying their AU strategies to maximize effectiveness?


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