Change in credit steps program?

QuestionsChange in credit steps program?
asked 3 years ago

I just got off CO chat with a representative where I had asked them about whether or not my QS1 card was in the Credit Steps program. The rep told me that my card was and explained to me that I had to make 5 on time payments and use my card and I will get an automatic increase by the 7th or 10th statement. I had asked him why this one is different from the steps that I had on my QS where you would see the increase by the 6th statement, which I did get. He said that they were aware of that change and he just repeated what he said about how the program works.


Has the program changed or is this rep just reading a script? I don’t have a problem with the program as I am grateful to be in with them, but I would’ve thought the program was the same for both cards.

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