Cavalry and SOL in Virginia

QuestionsCavalry and SOL in Virginia
Cleveland Griffis asked 5 years ago

So I’ve made so much good progress on my own file that I’ve starting working my wife’s report, which is worse than mine was.


She got a letter from Cavalry which we did a DV request on.  It was on a Citibank card. They provided the DV in the form of a statement from 2011.


The Citibank account is no longer on her report.  It was on mine back in September as an AU, but it’s gone now, because the DOFD was 01/2009. 


Has anyone got a firm grip on SOL in terms of collection & judgements in Virginia?  It’s obvious they won’t be able to report this to the CRAs, but we’re wondering how to respond to this. 


We don’t want to do anything that could trigger a suit.


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