Capital One Venture Declined at Prada

QuestionsCapital One Venture Declined at Prada
asked 3 years ago

Sort of embarrassing. Walked into Prada and my new Venture card declined the charge of 2400. I just spent 480 on groceries yesterday and I know I have a 20k limit. The Prada guy comes out and says, “maybe the card is maxed, do you have another card?” So shame Smiley Sad I told him to wait while I call Capital One. Waited 5min or so, after, I was transferred to Fraud department. All I had to do was read back a text message code. The fraud rep stated, “it was declined because it’s a big purchase.” In the back of my head, I was thinking, you call this a big purchase. I felt shame and didn’t want to bust out my PRG or another card because I had to meet the spend on the Venture card. Anyway, Capital One approved the charges but I wanted to know if this is normal. Every time I try to make a purchase, will I have to call capital one because the charges were declined? I should just announce everytime I spend 2k or more and give them a headsup call. grrrr. Why give such a high credit limit if I can’t use it. 


Anyone else experience your card being declined? Does it ever stop being declined (Future big purchases I mean)? Would love to hear your experiences.



After that, I went to Tory Burch and Coach and used my Discover because I didn’t want to be shamed again. Lame if you ask me.


I know it is for fraud purposes, to protect the bank and me from hassle. If that was to happen, I have the app that shows a popup each time the card is used as well as the amount. (Wallet from Capital One) I can just lock the card via that app if I ever do see fraud.

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