Capital One Venture compromise- Fraud

QuestionsCapital One Venture compromise- Fraud
asked 5 years ago

This is unfortunately a situation of my Venture card being compromised.


I’ve been sitting here patiently waiting until January 24 when I should be able to combine my 18k Venture and another 4k QS into my 7k QS. Well, a few moments ago I noticed an e-mail from Capital One asking if I authorized a charge for $ 250 from Victoria’s Secret. I clicked no as I don’t even shop there (mostly because Victoria’s Secret shares personal customer information with outside companies, not a fan of that).


Then I looked at my Venture account online and some jerk placed a charge (in pending) for $ 4.50 at Coca Cola New York. I haven’t traveled through New York in probably nine years.


The card is locked now (luckily) and I am going to bed now, but will call them in the morning. I have not even used the Venture since October, and have not had it out of the house since then. I’m tired of jerks doing things like this, but also not thrilled because now I have to wait to get a new card, hope it links to the others ok and then combines properly. I hope any “restricted status” of this current card does not carry over to the new one in terms of successful combining. I know the weird problems people have been having with the combining process.Ugh.

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