Capital One Venture and Quicksilver Apr Upgrade!!!

QuestionsCapital One Venture and Quicksilver Apr Upgrade!!!
Shoshana Chan asked 5 years ago

I currently have the venture 7k at 22.9% and Quicksilver card 2k at 19.9%. I check capital one website out of kicks and giggles and was pre-qualified for both cards offered at 17.9%. I never pre-qualified for anything on capital one until now, which means I’m making progress. Even though I’ve been a long time customer with them. I notice the quicksilver card is a visa signature, which mines is not. So my question is, should I get the new cards or should I wait a year and see if I get a lower apr.Which I usually pif, but sometimes i carry a balance on my cards for a couple of months, so apr does matters to me alittle bit. Also was thinking of the possible large upgrade in cl compared to what I got now. So the increase in cl and lower apr now, sounds quite lovely. What are you guys thoughts?

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