Capital One Twitter people very helpful!

QuestionsCapital One Twitter people very helpful!
asked 4 years ago

Just a little FYI. If you aren’t having much luck with the customer service from the phone or chat people with Capital One, Twitter was super easy and helpful. I just randomly sent a Twitter message and asked about the reasoning behind credit line increases, mine keeps saying that I recently had an increase or that I had a 60 day late. Neither one is true. I also asked if they are any closer to getting account combinations available by a human instead of the stupid computer. She had me send her screenshots of my denials for credit line increases, she verified me over private message, I sent her the last 4 digits of my cards and the screen shots, & all of the information for the cards that I want an increase on. She said that they will call me today.

She went further than any other rep has via chat or phone. Do they usually just say try back next month . She obviously can see that I’ve never been late. She also took no more than 3 minutes to respond to my messages. My first initial message was responded to in about 1 minute. Just a thought if anyone needs help with something.

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