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asked 3 years ago

Hello everyone!


I’ve been lurking these boards for a while and just a month ago decided to go ahead and get back to repairing the damage I’ve done to my credit. A month ago I applied for the Capital One Quicksilver One and got approved for $ 2000 and after reading the posts here decided to go back an hour or two later and also got the Platinum with a $ 2000 limit. I’m not sure of scores yet because I’ve only been looking at credit card five scores and whatever Credit Karma and Credit Sesame has shown me. I am in credit steps and have read every single post there is on this board about the best way to benefit from it. 


Today is is supposed to be my statement date from what I was told in chat. I have used and paid almost daily since I got both cards last most but most of my usage has been in the QuickSilver so that I can get the rewards. I have been stalking the Capital One sight all day in hopes of seeing a statement. I’m guessing it cuts sometime at night?! And when would my statement show up. I know I need to be patient but I have so much planned and getting the most out of this rebuilding would help me a lot.   It’s been a month so maybe I’ll try to PC my Platinum to QS?! What do you guys think? Any general  advice for me?!

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