capital one pre qualify question

Questionscapital one pre qualify question
asked 3 years ago

I was on the capital one card finder sight the other day and i got the congradulations response sorry but this the first time capone has given me this message it’s exciting to see that they acknowledge the fact my fico scores are soreing 2 years post chapter 7  TU 712 EX 705 EQ 680. I had an approvial for qs venture and venture one. Im thinking about the venture one because of the 1k in 3 months requirement for the bonus offer also the 1 years 0% apr and yes i like to carry small balances from time to time. There offer said 17.24% interest after the intro period so my question is is this a generic offer or is the 17.24% actualy tailored around me and me credit? Does everyone see this as there offer? 

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