Capital One must hate me……… What gives?

QuestionsCapital One must hate me……… What gives?
David Sauer asked 5 years ago

I have read multiple threads on here about how easy Captial One is to get a CLI. I however have no such luck with them. Have 2 cards with them, both over 5 years old, both credit steps that went from $ 300 to $ 500 after 5 statements. They remained that way until end of February, when I had paid in full for Jan and Feb, and Cap One auto increased the cards to $ 600 and $ 750. Now fast forward 7 months, ask for a CLI, and they won’t budge, on either card. I clearly have made significant improvement over the last 9 months. I have gained new credit with prime lenders, with limits much higher, and  I continue to pay both cards in full each month, but they keep saying not currently eligible for an increase.  What gives?

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