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Hi everyone!


Just want to thank everyone on here for the loads of great information on rebuilding credit.  One of my last baddies was a paid repo that was suppose to age off earlier this year.  TU already deleted, but EQ and EX didn’t and they changed the DOFD on my report, so I disputed for it to be deleted.  EX updated my file to close, never late, and paid as agreed.  I wanted it deleted, but I guess that’s good too.  Still waiting on EQ for the results.    


My other last baddie is a one time 30 day late back in November 2012.  During that time, my first born baby was in the hospital and had a tracheostomy put in and put on a ventilator (breathing machine) at 8 months old.  I was living at the hospital with him during those 3 months.  Prior to that he was in the NICU for the first 4 months of his life.  Anyways, you can see, it was a very bad time in my life.  I was always on time before and even after.  I have tried doing a GW email through planetfeedback back in January with no response.


It was up until recently I decided to try again, but this time emailing the CEO and EO directly last Saturday.  I have 3 cc’s with Capital one and wanted to do PC with 2 of my old cards.  I googled their number and got the number from  I guess it was a backdoor number.  I was happy to hear from someone that didn’t sound like they’re in another country with scripted lines.  The first rep transferred me to someone that could help with the PC.  Well, it was the sweetest lady ever.  She was so helpful.  I was telling her how bummed out I was that I still have to pay annual fee (first cc after ruining credit) and it’s my oldest accounts.  She said she was going to put in a feedback to try to get it waived.  So I decided to test my luck with a goodwill request since she was so nice.  I told her my situation and that was the only derogatory item on my CR.  I also hope to get a mortgage loan one day.  She said she couldnn’t get them removed, only can reimburse the late fees that incurred.  Then she said there is something that she could do and assured me it works with other clients.  She mentioned dispute to all 3 bureaus due to hardship.  I told her I wasn’t disputing, but she said it’s not really disputing.  She mentioned that my reasons were valid and not just the typical “I forgot” reasons.  She said to wait about 10 days for a letter and about 60-90 days for updates on CR.  She was so compassionate and understanding.  She kept telling me that she was so glad that I called.  So we ended on a good note and I was happy.  


Well, I then began to worry because of the word dispute, so I started searching this forum to see if anyone went through the same thing and was really disappointed to find out that others got a letter only to find out that they verified the informationt to be accurate and with dispute remarks on their CR.  I decided to call CAP1 today because I haven’t received a letter yet and it’s only day 5 (I”m impatient).  I called the same number from last time and told the rep about my situation and wanted clarification.  She looked into my file and saw that I did call in last week and mentioned a dispute with the 3 CBs.  I was so bummed and told her I wasn’t disputing.  So she then put me on hold for a few minutes to look deeper into the file and then came back to apologize to me.  She said as she looked into it more, it shows that my account was actually updated and corrected and was sent out yesterday.  I am so excited!!!!!  I hope this is finally it!  I am not sure if it was the rep or my email to the EO, but I am telling you all, there is hope, just keep trying!!!!  




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