Capital One GW (PLEASE HELP!)

QuestionsCapital One GW (PLEASE HELP!)
Cleveland Griffis asked 5 years ago

Good morning everyone, Smiley Happy


I am have been trying to reach the Capital One E.O for quite some time now. I have searched these forums high and low, as well as Google, and have had no success in finding the information I need. The email address I came across does not seem to be the correct one. (No calls back, no correspondence, etc.,) 


I know the ones who do post threads on success with emailing the E.O probably get FLOODED with PM’s asking for the contact info and/or the letter they used but, I desperately need the correct email address for the E.O


If anyone would be so kind to send that to me via PM, I will gladly take on the job of helping others if, in the future they need help, or PM me directly. Think of it as you helping me in this moment and, in turn I will pass that help and info on to others if/when that time comes.  


I’m sorry to bother with asking, but as I said earlier, I desperately need the correct email address.


Thanks in advance!

Smiley Very Happy Smiley Happy 



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