Capital One – CLI Denial – Input Please!

QuestionsCapital One – CLI Denial – Input Please!
asked 3 years ago

Ok, I have 2 cards both opened in mid November. I tried the luv button after the 3rd statement cut on the first account. Denial, “account too new” so my assumption is to wait 91 days. Has anyone ever experienced to where they wanted exactly so many days?

Next account, this is the tricky one. I sent in a few disputes. When they arrived I continued to receive monitoring alerts that accounts were being notated/updated. I’m assuming that the items were in dispute. I didn’t even think twice about it. Hit the luv button on that account and the denial was only 1 reason. “The Credit Bureau Reported a recent delinquency.” WHAT THE HECK? I have no recent late payments, missed payments or anything reporting. Everything is reporting as IIB as it should now. Any ideas what might be happening? Would requesting a manual review for the CLI help? I run a ton through the cards, always hasn’t played 10 x the required payment, most the time now AND both cards are at $ 0. Help! Lol. Thanks!

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