Capital One Charge Off 1st GW attempt success!!!

QuestionsCapital One Charge Off 1st GW attempt success!!!
asked 5 years ago

I opened an account with Capital One back in early 2011 just before the birth of my first and only child. It was a measly $ 200 limit but I was jazzed nonetheless. I planned to use the card to help me build my credit.

After my daughter was born in May of that year my health took a sudden and severe nosedive, resulting in multiple ER trips, and multiple doctors until I was finally able to get a proper diagnosis and treatment later that year. Combine the stress of that with being a new mom to a demanding newborn, and the sudden shift to one income as I’d quit my job to be able to stay home with my daughter, that credit card was the last thing on my mind that year. Of course they ended up charging it off and selling the debt to a CA.

So last week I decided to try my luck with a GW letter to them, explaining the above situation but saying I still take full responsibility for letting the account go delinquent and was in no way trying to justify what I did. I also mentioned that I was so grateful they’ve given me a second chance to build a relationship with them (I am, they approved me for a $ 300 Quicksilver 1 last month) and how I’ve made multiple payments on my new card before the first statement has even cut. I also have run approximately $ 500 through the card already.

I also took note of something another poster said here on this forum and I stuck a sticky note on the letter pleading for help getting it to someone who might be willing to help me even though I know they get tons of these sorts of letters everyday.

Well it worked! I just used the backdoor to view my Experian report and the account now reads “closed/never late” and is now considered an account in good standing! I’m still in shock…after reading about how Capital One seems to be so resistant to GW attempts I was fully expecting to spend years sending GW letters to them. I’m so jazzed I just had to come here and share! Now I just have to work on getting my medical collections off Smiley Happy

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