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asked 4 years ago

Hello Everyone-


I need your opinion.  You can see the cards that I have already listed in my signature.   I want to establish a high CL for all of them.  My question is, would you apply for the Capital One Platinum Card if you were me to see if a bigger limit would be given?  When I applied for both of the first Capital One cards, my scores were in the low 500’s.  I pc’d the Capital One Platinum to a QS last month. 

Here are the current limits for each of them.  


  1. QuickSilver- $ 800
  2. QuickSilver One-$ 1500
  3. AMEX GOLD-$ 1000
  4. MACYS-$ 2000
  5. CareCredit $ 3000
  6. Chase Freedom-$ 1000
  7. Walmart-$ 400
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