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asked 3 years ago

Hi guys, a couple of weeks ago I applied for a Capital One Platinum Mastercard and was denied. After the denial, I applied for the Secured Mastercard and was approved. A couple days after the approval my checking account was deducted $ 99 and everything was cool. Last Monday evening I received an email that my card had been mailed and to start expecting it. 


Tonight when I got home from work the card was waiting for me in the mailbox. As i began to open it and read the documents, I did not see the word ‘Secured’ or any mention of my $ 99 deposit. So I went online to activate it and found my way to my transactions and details page. Once there, i still did not see any mention of the card being ‘Secured’ or anything about a $ 99 deposit. In the details section, the card is listed as ‘Platinum Mastercard’.


Is this just how Capital One describes their secured card? My credit limit is $ 200 as expected and they have kept my $ 99, is it safe to presume that even though they are calling it a Platinum Mastercard, it is just the secured card?


FWIW, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this site, you all have provided me with a wealth of knowledge.

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