Capital One…Black listed?

QuestionsCapital One…Black listed?
asked 3 years ago

I had a CAP1 CC over 10 years ago, my very first CC, that I had let go into collections. I was maybe 18, not educated on the importance of credit, & very irresponsible. Eventually, CAP1 sued me for the debt. They began garnishing my wages. The credit line I had on the card was only $ 500, but in the end I paid well over $ 2,000 to satisfy that account. It was at that point I decided to take charge of my credit, I paid the debt in full as soon as I could. The collection had fell off my reports years ago. I’ve been trying to obtain a new account with CAP1 since last year, and they won’t approve me. I’m pretty sure I’m black listed, but my question is how long do they usually BL for? I’ve read others being able to get back in after bankruptcy right away, but I can’t even get approved for a secured card.

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