Capital 1 Platinum upgrade to Quicksilver?

QuestionsCapital 1 Platinum upgrade to Quicksilver?
asked 2 years ago

I opened the Platinum in July and they gave me $ 300.00  which is the smallest limit of any of my cards.  I’m in that program where after 5 months they give you an increase but it’s only a $ 200.00 increase.  I have been charging the crap out of this card though and paying it about 3-4x’s a week.  My credit has improved about 50 points since applying with them.  Current scores are Ex-641 TU-704 Eq-687.  


If they don’t want to up my limit significantly or give me another card like the Quicksilver with a decent limit I’m just gonna cancel it.  I have my Discover and Amex BCE that I can put more money into that will probably benefit me more anyways as far as growing them go.


Anyone have experience with this situation?

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