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Lazaro Cowen asked 6 years ago

There are so many Cap1 questions, sorry but I have another one.

I had a pre qual offer for Venture, Ven-one & QS\V. It popped up about a week ago after my scores updated. Then yesterday-poof- it’s gone.

Yes, it was the ‘congrats we have an offer ‘ & gave the int rates, etc.

Is that normal?  I thought the offer would stay up longer.

My scores are still coming back from the summer after opening several accts. 

Approx. 690 across the board, utilz is @ zero., no new negs., zero derogs, exc. pymt. history

I had the same pre qual offer a few months back & was approved for QS Visa but declined for V; apped back to back. 

My AAoA dropped to 5 months. Would I be declined anyway because of that? Cap1 has my oldest acct as being 13 yrs on their credit tracker.

Now the pre qual offer is for the Platinum & QS\MC which I already have. 


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