Cap1 card post BK?

QuestionsCap1 card post BK?
asked 4 years ago

I have been trying to get cap1 card since our BK was discharge 4/2015. It was IIB as well. I would like a decent card to replace credit one card at some point.


Currenly Have:

Credit One: $ 950 for ~ 1yr

Target: $ 2000 for ~ 10mo

SportsmansGuide: $ 2500 for ~ 6mo

Kohls: $ 500 for ~5 mo

Amazon: $ 1000 for ~2mo


FICO is 667 as of Today. No lates on Credit report. as far as bad marks only BK 12/15 discarged 4/15. 6-7 inqs Oldest account ~ 11yrs, AAoA ~4+ yrs.


These are the denial reasons I have recieved, with the second one being the most recent one:




“Based on your application information, there are too many delinquent past or present Capital One

credit obligation(s)”



“Based on your application information, we observed activity on a prior Capital One account that is

not consistent with our expectations for account usage or the terms of the account agreement”



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