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asked 3 years ago

During the Peach Bowl last night, out of boredom , and after seeing several adds for the Venture One, I surfed over the Cap One prequal site to see if I could get a prequal.  I’ve tried this many times in the past and NEVER gotten anything….EVER.  Even though I have had several Cap one cards with perfect history and significant spending.  Presently I have just one Cap One card, a QuickSilver One,  with a credit line under $ 10K and $ 0 balance.


Anyway, I typed in my information and it churned for longer than usual and came back with a prequal for the Venture One at 11.24% interest rate, no annual fee,  and 0% APR for 12 months.  I looked at that for about a minute and decided…naw, I don’t really need another credit line and the hard pull is not worth it. So I closed the screen.


Well today I got to thinking about the prequal, and I thought, gee that is a pretty low interest rate…and no annual fee…what the heck, let’s see if I can get the card.  But checking today and the prequal will not come back.  I am getting the same old message ……..not being able to find a prequal for me.


I wonder if there was some kind of promotion going on during the Peach Bowl, or if something changed in my credit profile overnight ?

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