Cap One Late Removal – Not EO

QuestionsCap One Late Removal – Not EO
Bebe Vanburen asked 4 years ago

I took a chance and asked for a 90 day payment late removal. I was super nice, respectful, kept a light tone with smiley faces in the chat. I asked to speak with a supervisor because the lower rep was unble to help. 


This is the response I recieved: 

I am happy to inform you that Capital One will only report a customer’s payment history to the credit reporting agencies when the
account goes 30+ days past due.


I had 3 60 day and 1 90-day lates!


I called the EO TWICE and was denied both times.  There is hope on this road to recovery! Keep trying folks! Thank you to everyone who continues to answer questions and provide support. I can’t wait to see what my score increases to. 


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