Cap one CLI $3000

QuestionsCap one CLI $3000
asked 2 years ago

I started rebuilding last year in June and didn’t have any credit cards with scores low 500’s. I was stoked when I was approved for cap one platinum card limit $ 500. 3 months later I hit the luv button and only got $ 100 more. On my 6 months I got $ 500 auto cli. I then upgraded card to a QS. Now I just hit 1 year and got a unexpected $ 3000 CLI. Total limit $ 4100. I can’t believe it what I’ve been able to accomplish in 1 year of rebuilding. I have to thank everyone of you for all the information that is giving on these forums. I still got more to do but all it requires is patience now as I’ve been gardening since august of last year.

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