Cap 1 secured credit limit increase request

QuestionsCap 1 secured credit limit increase request
asked 4 years ago

I just figured, what the heck let’s give it a shot. I have cap 1 plat secured and I’ve run about 1k through it within the past 2 months and my second statement just cut so I hit the luv button.


I answered the questions and then received this





Does this bode well or is this not a good sign? By the way my score has gone from TU 545, EQ 555, EXP 586 when I first app’d for my cap 1 card to TU 573 EQ 616 EXP 655. I also was pre-qual for the QS1 a few days ago but told I have to wait 4 months to apply for it because of their new 6 month rule (cannot apply for a new card until 6 months after having already received a cap 1 card).

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