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Nidia Esparza asked 5 years ago

Overjoyed. In the process of rebuilding for new mortgage the first of the year. I am in need of 30 points to qualify for an VA loan mid-score. I have a secured cap1 for 1 year this month which available credit is 503 but the 29 annual fee kicked in bringing my bal to 79. I also have an secured card from USAA with an 400 credit limit and 0 bal. And Fingerhut revol with 850 credit limit also 0 bal. I have 2 auto loans in excellent standing. I have old collections to fall off in 2016 and early 2017. I have paid collections with Midland and they won’t delete. AT&T collection which I dispute because of balance. Either way my loan officer stated I needed 620 and am sure this will take me there since my scores have increased incredibly from the other added cards.

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