Cap.1 Is REALLY making me mad.

QuestionsCap.1 Is REALLY making me mad.
Jermaine Moody asked 6 years ago

I have had a $ 97.xx balance for the last 8 days preparing to pay it on thursday of this week.


My limit is $ 500 (credit steps) and my 2nd statement just cleared the 24th of Dec. with 80.84, which i paid immediately.

I have $ 402.xx available on the card.

Well i log on to set up on automatic payment for thursday and it says my balance is $ 192????

I have the platinum, and i havent used the card since the 24th except the $ 97.xx to buy a few things on, which reflected immediately on the card

Im extremely irritated and the CSR arent helping at all???


They keep saying, review your last statement. MY LAST STATEMENT WAS The 24th! And that amount was PAID.


So basically, they want me to pay a little under $ 100 extra for NOTHING????

Not helpful at all!


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