Can’t get my score up, no matter what I do

QuestionsCan’t get my score up, no matter what I do
asked 3 years ago

hi, my score hovered at 550 or so.  Had a bunch of credit card debt, had my daughters repossesion on my report (I cosigned, big mistake).   Lost my job in 2012, and have one card with a 30-60-90 on it and another with a 30-60 on it.  Also, one collection, which I paid


In 2013, got a new job, tripled my income,  I got the repo pulled off my report in 2014.  It stayed at 550, why?

Collection gets removed by my request, report goes to 555, only up 5 points?

Been perfectly current since 2013 on all debt, still stays at 550-560.  It hovered up a few points, down every month.


Recently, paid off $ 63,000 of credit card debt!!!!  FICO went to 660.  Very good.


So, I apply for a card, get declined, due to ‘too much delinquency on my report’.   The 7 bad marks on my 2 cards, which, by the way, are still active with 0 balances now.


How do I get my score to increase?  They are flagging me for debt and a situation from 4 years ago.

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