Cant get a straight answer from PenFed

QuestionsCant get a straight answer from PenFed
Crystal Winslow asked 5 years ago

So I’ve got new account at PenFed.  I understand that I can’t use their billpay program for thirty days.  Weird, but ok.  I also understnad there is a $ 50 daily ACH limit for 6 months.  Also weird, but thats where my question arises.  


I sent customer service an email and asked.  I can’t transfer more than $ 50 to another bank account or into the account from a linked external account.  But what about if I send money from the linked account?  

ie-  I want to transfer $ 500 from my account with Chase to my Penfed account.  Can I go onto the Chase website and transfer it, or will Penfed reject that incoming transfer??


Same thing with debit card usage.  If I want to use my penfed debit card, is the limit also $ 50 for pos purchases and/or ATM limits?


I can’t get a definite answer, so hopefully someone here knows. 

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