Can you help me pick a credit card?

QuestionsCan you help me pick a credit card?
Tristan Schilling asked 4 years ago

I’m trying to read through alllllllllllllll of the posts but it’s information overload.  Here’s my background info:  


I’ve got a Capital One Platinum, Capital One Quicksilver, Care Credit and Pottery Barn – which I just got from the shopping cart trip and I legitimately plan to use it because I’m redecorating.  My FAKO scores according to Credit Karma are Trans: 661 and Equifax 665.  I have no idea what they actually are.  My utilization is 29% but I can have it down to 0% or whatever the magic number is within a couple of months.  


I have had pre approval offers from Citi, Chase and American Express.  I’m not sure what I can really get or what I really want for that matter.  I want to start doing some traveling this year with my family but not sure if a miles card is the way to go.  We do eat out quite a bit and spend a big chunk on groceries.  I try to put as much spending as possible on my Quicksilver to get the cashback but I know there’s better options.  I also should probably do a balance transfer because my Platinum has like $ 1100 on it at 22%.  I plan to wipe that out within the next couple months but still.  I know I should probably transfer it.  Just having a hard time figuring out what card would be a good fit.  


What would you add?



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