Can I do this? (Cap1 ques)

QuestionsCan I do this? (Cap1 ques)
asked 3 years ago

I have 2 secured cc’s with Capital One. I’ve had one for over 2 years and the other for over 1 year. I recently applied and was approved for an unsecured Barclays (with a TU score of 612-615 if anyone plans on applying). I want to apply for an unsecured Capital One but they don’t allow more than 2 rebuilder cards with them (My score isn’t high enough for a “good” Cap1 yet). Is it safe to close out one of my Cap1 secured cards then go right ahead and apply for one of their unsecured? I’m 99% positive I’ll be approved for the QS, I just want to make sure this is safe.


In recent months (within 3ish months) T-mobile and Barclays pulled from my TU. I believe Cap1 pulls from TU as well. Is 3 recent inquiries gonna hurt me? I haven’t noticed a score drop from them.


Thank you!

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