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asked 3 years ago

From a card holder the customer service for the card is pathetic.   The variant levels and spending is a con.  In the 6 months I had the card in 2016 I spent $ 12000, I was not sent a silver card and was told that I had to respend $ 10000 in 2017 to qualify again.  What a joke.  


Since the first of November, when I hit the $ 10k mark, I have spoken with three people about the upgrade.  Each time a different answer.  Finally tonight, I was told because they reviewed my request on Jan 2nd it was too late.  I laughed out loud…I could not believe it.  So, I explained I had a choice too and that I did not have to use their card.  My advice…think long and hard about it.  There are a lot of options to earn rewards.  Besides price wise on merchandise, Gander Mountain and other retail outlets are cheaper than their stuff most of the time, in my opinion.  


I never carried a balance, over the limit or late.  Paid in full each month and then get treated this way. So, no more using their card.  Back to Discover and Capital One where I earn cash back to use anywhere.  

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