Buying my first home!

QuestionsBuying my first home!
asked 3 years ago

Looking to buy my first home by June of 2016 and not quite sure where begin. I applied for lending and my true Fico’s for the mortgage report used were EQ 603, TU658, and XP 614. While my faco scores were EQ 609, TU 650, an XP 650. My main concern right now is how to increase the score quickly and if I should pay the 3 collections off. Starting with the collections all three are 6 years old and the total of them added up are less than 1G. However, is this going to remove them from my report, improve my scores, or damage my scores? Is it best to just not bump those three collections? As far as the credit reports go all three have a total of $ 20,000 worth of credit between about 16 accounts. Only 7 of them have more than 5% usage but they are in the high 85% range.  I also have not late payments except for those showing up on one collection. My only problem is that 13 accounts are less than a year old. My total debt between all credit accounts is only $ 5500. What is the best way to raise my credit scores? Should I use credit cards with limits and zero balance to pay off smaller accounts? Just looking for anything I can do to improve my scores ASAP!

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