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Antoinette Mace asked 4 years ago

I am happy to say I am in the road to building credit! I am 19 years old (20th birthday is in 3 months) and I finally got my first secured credit card. I was approved for the Capital One Secured MasterCard. I have no credit score or any previous credit history (although I do have quite a few inquiries being an anxious teen previously). My deposit was $ 49 and my credit line is $ 200. Here’s the timeline:

Got approved on 10/8/16
Sent deposit 10/8/16
Deposit taken out of account 10/11/16
Received materials in the mail (I don’t remember probably a week before I received the card)
Received email cc was on the way 10/18/16
Received credit card 10/20/16

I will make any updates as soon as possible!

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