BT went through after I paid card

QuestionsBT went through after I paid card
Rosaura Heredia asked 6 years ago

The short story is my wife got a new BOA card and we wanted to transfer a balance to our arrival. We transferred 1750 but it was taking too long to go through and I paid the card off (we are going for a mortgage in my name only and didn’t want the balance to report to my Arrival, the BOA is under her name). In the meantime the BT has shown up on the Arrival and I am reporting a negative balance of 1350 (after some other expenses). Probably will not be using the Arrival much the next couple of months though. Would it be an issue to ask for a check from them for the balance? I’m worried they might think I’m trying to skirt around a cash advance fee or something (which I am not) and flag me based on the BT followed by check request.




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