BRICKBYBRICK Credit Rebuild Update 580-677 Over 3 months

QuestionsBRICKBYBRICK Credit Rebuild Update 580-677 Over 3 months
asked 4 years ago

Well guys, I could not believe my eyes this morning when my experian updated report read a score of 677..GOOD.

I am still far way away but had to make a post to perhaps give hope to those of us that find none within ourselves. I started at 580 with 4 collections, high UTI and a couple credit cards. Reading through these forums tirelessly I learned a LOT, right away I paid my following credit cards:

Credit One (Yeah, yeah I know): From $ 400 of $ 600 to $ 0

Merrick Bank: $ 450 of $ 550 to $ 0

Capital QS1: $ 200 of $ 500 to $ 45   


So two of three cards at 0% and one at a sexy 9%. That shot me back into 620 range which already had me estatic, each point sends me into a happiness undescribable. 

Now, Capital One CLI request got me a WAIT FOR IT! DRUM ROLL PLEASE! $ 100… Smiley Sad but that is alright, baby steps! 

Then pouring through these forums I learned of the SCT or Shopping Cart Trick. I went to Jcrew threw some rags into my virtual cart and checked out, BOOM! Approved for a whopping…WAIT FOR IT! DRUM ROLL PLEASE! $ 250… it’s ok Smiley Sad I’ll never get a nice SL, anyhow my FICO 8 is now a 649. This was now the highest score I had EVER seen attributed to me. That 649 read like an 850 to me, my confidence was sky high! I realized I had done enough and like any wise person would, I went into the garden… SIKE, I went banging on American Expresses door like a mad man. Amex Every Day card came out of the knock with another NON drum roll worthy SL of $ 500. 

I have since disputed 2 collections, not sure how that’ll pan out and next week my Merrick doubles. I am now at a 677 FICO 8 according to, I do not have access to the other reports but I hope they follow around the same number. One can only hope, I will start paying collections now! Let’s go 700!

…or should I try for a Discover It card… Smiley Happy Thank you all for the support and special shout out to Medicgirl!

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